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Simplistic B.S.C. is designed to promote inner and outer beauty, going beyond the roots(of hair) to the refinement and healing of one’s inner self. We offer hair care products for women, men and kids. With a line of shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments for natural hair but is also friendly on all types of hair.

Leave-In Detangler Conditioning Spray

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This Lingonberry leave-in detangler helps manage hair leaving it easy to comb through, super soft with a silky finish. Simplistic BSC offers lots of benefits, a few being:

1. Repairs Damage

2. Detangles

3. Improve shine

4. Softens hair

5. Heat Protect

6. Helps prevent breakage

This product is also good with braids

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Sherrie Williams, Founder and CEO of Simplistic BSC is an award-winning master stylist and educator. Her extensive client roster includes celebrities and news journalists. Sherrie’s love for making women beautiful began at a very young age. She has always had a passion for helping women cultivate their unique style while maintaining healthy hair.

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