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Chocolate Box Beard and Hair Oil

The oil will give your beard healthy, well-cared look and will make it soft to touch. Thanks to the unique mixture of oils, your beard will be soft and pleasantly scented. It minimizes itching when new hair grow.

Seductive Hair & Beard Moisture

If you want to make your beard softer and more managable. This conditioning beard balm has been specially formulated for men with dry and brittle beard. As a part of its moisturizing benefit, it retains the moist in the hair follicles, which is great in terms of promoting healthy growth of the beard.

Exquiste Beard and Hair Butter

Exquiste Beard Butter serves as a deep conditioner to soften and control your beard hairs while also giving you a light to medium hold to tame flyaway hairs and style your beard without leaving it too tacky or hard. The consistency of our butter is light, smooth, and creamy.

Bauld Head Soothing Lotion

This light cream is perfect for soothing troubled, sensitive skin in need, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Works well with any troubled, sensitive or combination skin.

Bauld Head Bump No More

This Bump Fighter is a VEGAN and Paraben Free product formulated to soothe your face and head after shaving and help eliminate bumps.

Refresh Aftershave

This clear Organic Aloe base helps to soothe, while Organic Lavender helps calm and quell, as the natural AHA’s go to work to gently smooth and refine adding a tonifying finish.

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